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Project Budget

  • $1,000 to $10,000
  • > $10,000


  • North America (US and Canada)
  • Europe
  • Latin America (including Mexico)
  • UK


  • Base Design and Implementation
  • Custom Integration
  • Custom Script
  • Training & Education
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  • English

About Grow With Jen

Data-Driven Business Solutions. Specializing in Marketing Teams, Non-Profits, Executive and UHNW Domestic Staffing, and Project/Portfolio Management Solutions.

About Me:

Hi! I'm Jen. I have been consulting for over 11 years and have an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics. I am also a certified Project Management Professional and ex-accountant. Strategy, structure, and efficiency describes me to a T.

Working With Me:

With Airtable, the possibilities are endless, but how you arrive at the perfect solution is all in future planning. This is a partnership, and I expect to have lots of conversations about what you REALLY want to happen, not what you are doing currently. Stepping back and looking at the future of your business helps us build solutions for tomorrow.

My happiest clients are ones that come to me with "hey, this is the problem we are having" and are open to arriving at the best solution with the right mix of tools, technology, and even a re-arranging of how they are currently handling the problems they are facing.

While I have a growing team, your first point of contact is me. I never want you to feel like you are playing "telephone" or don't have direct communication with a single point of contact.

Solutions To Complex Needs:

With Airtable I have:

  • Automated pulling Mailchimp and other social media metrics into a concise location for multiple brands
  • Helped teams create a central source of truth for all of their initiatives while having individual working bases to manage projects and initiatives
  • Automated brief generation from Airtable data
  • Created Softr portals for internal and client facing needs
  • Automated dynamic reporting for portfolios in Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio)
  • Automated task templates to live project management from a few clicks of a button
  • Created reporting dashboards for various stakeholders by centralizing and streamlining data
  • Simplified internal and external communication via automated workflows

I also provide 1:1 and 1:Many training specific to user needs

Want to streamline your workflows, have more efficient teams, and centralize your data? Let's chat!



Financial Services



Wedding and Event Venues

Domestic Staffing Placement Agencies


Airtable Users Conference Appearance

Deep Dive into One of My Bases





Creating an Airtable for Internship Placements





Renee Whitby, Towson University

Grow with Jen has revolutionized our ability to manage and share internship placement data through Airtable. Jen has understood our complicated placement data and process needs and provided helpful tutorials along the way. She is extremely responsive and quickly makes adjustments to fit the needs of our placement data.

Jen is a great partner to work with!





Heather Mayer, Panavision

Jen came recommended to us from a colleague and our experience working with her has been professional and rewarding. She is a quick thinker, very responsive, can interpret what the client wants and deliver more than expected. She provides very helpful walkthrough videos of changes and additions which have been enormously helpful to our team. Would definitely work with her again and recommend her to others looking for Airtable expertise!

In-Depth Knowledge with Real-World Applicability





Dominic Poggi, Southwe

Jen is a wiz at tackling real-world challenges by customizing Airtable to automate solutions. She takes the time to understand what's really going on and develops clear steps that add up to an efficient process. The thing I like most about Jen is that she's "platform agnostic." Airtable often ends up being the best tool for the job, but you can trust that Jen is thinking about whether it truly is (before making the recommendation to use it).

Met our needs and exceeded expectations





Dominic Namnath, Tri-Counties Regional Center

We had a State mandated data collection effort that started as a MS Sharepoint spreadsheet fiasco in the making. Simply sending Jen the State’s directive, their instructions for the Sharepoint, and quick meeting to discuss methods she designed and implemented an Airtable based process that was simply great. Questions answered, files uploaded, updates and reminders sent, and tracking and reporting was a snap. She know the product, she’s keen on defining objectives and putting it all together.

Excellent, Professional & Up to a Challenge





Kristin Stewart Aungst, Rocks, Sticks & Hell, LLC

Jen and her team did a terrific job tackling our needs for Airtable. We had some unique challenges and they fulfilled all of our requests for functionality. It was great working with her - excellent communication, thorough job, timely, and knowledgable.

Positively Wonderful!





Kimberly Tucker, The Sanity Nanny

Jen and her team equipped me with the automated "clone" I never knew could exist! The entire process with Jen helped me clarify the vision I struggled to convey in words, understand my current processes and workflows (or lack thereof), create a better overall workflow, and even AUTOMATED parts of the process to free up precious time. Jen's patience, organization, and deliverables were beyond my expectations! She adapted to changes easily and was a joy to work with!